Grant Opportunities

Successful applicants for all of ACF's grant programs and initiatives must meet these basic guidelines:

  • Work to be funded must take place in Central Appalachian counties (click here to see a map of the region and listing of counties)
  • Demonstrate that social change is a part of their work or project
  • Be community-led, community-driven and community-based
  • Address change at a systemic level, instead of or in addition to one person at a time
  • Demonstrate some understanding of forms of oppression, especially racism.

ACF Does Not Fund:

  • Profit-making organizations
  • Electoral lobbying for initiatives or public office
  • Individual efforts
  • Major capital projects
  • Social services organizations unless they demonstrate some analysis and strategies to challenge the systems that lead to the problem


The Appalachian Community Fund (ACF) makes grants on a yearly basis from the General Fund Program which is supported by a combination of unrestricted funds and monies from the Alexander Fund of the New York Community Trust. ACF's General Fund is an annual board-directed program focusing on organizing for social change and is monies organizations may use for general support as well as for programs and projects...Read More

The deadline for this year has not be set. If you would like to be added to the notification list, please email



The Technical Assistance Program is designed to help build strong organizations. These are small grants for specific technical assistance needs identified by the organization. By helping staff , board, and members hone their skills, ACF believes an organization's work will be more stronger and more effective. Grants are designed to build organizational capacity and to help train board and/or staff in organization building skills...Read More

Download a copy of the Technical Assistance Instructions
Download a copy of the Technical Assistance Application. Word document or PDF
Download the Technical Assistance Final Report form. Word document or PDF


The LGBTQ Initiative was established in 2006 by a Tennessee donor in order to develop resources and make grants to LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Questioning) organizing efforts in Appalachia's communities. In addition to the founding donor gift, the Initiative is supported by a grant from the Colin Higgins Foundation, and contributions from individual donors.

The Initiative is for organizational development and building Lesbian and Gay community institutional resources, as well as building capacity in LGBTQ efforts. ACF seeks new and emerging efforts, particularly among work with LGBTQ youth, and networking and connecting with other LGBTQ work in Central Appalachia...Read More

Download LGBTQ Initiative Application Instructions
Download LGBTQ Initiative Application. Word document or PDF
Download the LGBTQ Initiative Final Report form. Word document or PDF


From time to time, ACF is also able to offer special funding opportunities and initiatives.


Announcement: As of August 1, 2010 the Appalachian Community Fund is unable to fill requests for Seize the Moment grants.  We apologize for this and hope to have better news about this program soon.  Thank you. 

Seize the Moment grants were created and designed for social change groups needing to take quick action on issues that arise outside ACF's regular grant cycles. These issues may call for immediate organizing or action, cannot be predicted and are not budgeted. In some cases it is crucial to act immediately to address the issue and take advantage of an organizing or teaching opportunity. These grants are for organizing in response to an unanticipated challenge or threat to an organization's work, and/or undertaking urgent action in response to extraordinary conditions...Read More


For assistance and further information on any of these programs, please contact ACF at 865-523-5783 or